Me JF Arteau at the Woodrow Center

Invited by the University of Washington and Trent University, Me Jean-Francois Arteau made, on April 27th, a presentation titled: 'Sub National Actors and Policy Activism: Nunavik's Arctic Policy'. His presentation was made in the context of a 2-day conference on One Arctic: U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The audience was composed of students from the University of Washington and Trent University, Professors, Representatives from the Arctic Council, Members of the American Government and Policy Makers.

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Me Jean-Francois Arteau meets with Laval University students

On March 21, Me Arteau gave a presentation to undergraduate students attending the “Governance issues in the Arctic” course offered by the Department of Political Sciences at Laval University. He discussed his personal experiences in Nunavik and offered a general perspective of the region, describing its different actors and their respective responsibilities.
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Why is good governance so important?

Many experts agree that the well-being of a community and its citizens depends on its economic health. Yet, there is a strong correlation between the economic structures, the social, cultural, and physical health of the population, and good governance. Indeed, good governance involves making economic decisions that take into account the consequences of this decision for the community. 
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