Me Jean-Francois Arteau meets with Laval University students

On March 21, Me Arteau gave a presentation to undergraduate students attending the “Governance issues in the Arctic” course offered by the Department of Political Sciences at Laval University. He discussed his personal experiences in Nunavik and offered a general perspective of the region, describing its different actors and their respective responsibilities.
Students passionate about the Arctic and issues related to the North asked numerous questions about Inuit positions regarding the development of their territory and the governance model they consider most appropriate. Issues of overcrowding, social problems, and health services were also discussed.

Kesserwan Arteau insists on sharing knowledge with different audiences, particularly students. These events are always pleasant and generate a positive energy though the creation of new synergies. This desire to break down the barriers created by ignorance and misunderstanding between peoples is one of our fundamental missions and among the reasons why we decided to create Kesserwan Arteau. A Law Firm can also be used for this!
Me Arteau gives a conference on successes and challenges in Nunavik
Me JF Arteau at the Woodrow Center

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